2022 Grub Update and Field Locations

WPPA Families –

A quick update on the grub situation at Welles and Winnemac.  The Park District believes they have addressed the root cause and hope by mid-summer both Welles and Winnemac parks are back to normal.  That doesn’t help our Spring Season in 2022, but the Park District has been fantastic in working hard with WPPA to find alternative locations for our practices and games.

There will be no Spring games at Welles or most of Winnemac (Winnemac #4 is the exception for Senior baseball games as it was not impacted by the grubs).  However, the rest of our normal fields will still be available to us which include Legion, River, Mather, and Green Briar.  In addition, we will be playing games at Horner, Portage Park and Athletic Park.  All fantastic parks on the northside of the city – and not too far from our standard locations.

Our hope is that our season ending picnic can be at Welles Park like normal on July 16, 2022.  That is the goal!

While it will be a slightly different season than the past, adapting to curveballs has been par for the course the last couple of years!  This coming Spring season will be no different and the WPPA Board along with the volunteer coaches/parents are committed to making it a wonderful and memorable season!


Ross Kerr

WPPA President