Welcome to WPPA’s Spring 2022 Season!

Dear WPPA Families and Players,

This is my favorite email to write each year as we look ahead to the start of the Spring Season.  Welcome to all of you, and thanks for being a part of WPPA!

For those new to WPPA, you are now part of an amazing community of people that are passionate about softball and baseball.  We care about getting the children of our neighborhood out there playing with their teammates, and we focus on the physical, mental, and emotional development of your players throughout the season.

As most of you know, WPPA is a 100% volunteer organization.  From the coaches, to parents that help out, to the WPPA board – everyone is giving their time to make this happen.  We are not affiliated with the Chicago Park District, nor the City of Chicago, and no one gets a paycheck.  With that in mind, please be sure to thank your coaches early and often, and be kind to the umpires!

A few notes on expectations and upcoming events:

  1. TeamSnap. You should have heard from your coach by now, likely via TeamSnap.  Please be sure to have the TeamSnap app active on your device of choice.  Several of our communications will come through that channel – including rain out and scheduling information.
  2. Fields. We are facing another curveball this year with the grub situation at Welles and Winnemac Parks.  We have worked hard to fill in some additional temporary locations for the season – all field locations can be found here on the website.
  3. Stay off Welles and Winnemac! Along the lines of the above, please spread the word in the community to stay off the east side of Welles Park and the south side of Winnemac Park this Spring.  We need the grass to grow, and zero traffic on the impacted areas is our best bet to making it happen quickly!
  4. Opening Weekend Parade. The Rookie/8U/Junior opening weekend parade will be held at the Welles Park Gazebo on April 24th at 9:00am.  We will have a welcome, some special treats, and then parade through the west side of the park (not impacted by the grubs).  We look forward to seeing all the WPPA community there!  More exciting details on this parade to come closer to the time.
  5. Discount at Dick’s. WPPA’s second Dick’s Sporting Good Shopping days is coming up April 22nd  through the 25th. Here is a link to the coupon.  All purchases are 20% off.

Finally, and most important.  This is youth sports.  We all signed a parent/spectator code of conduct, and this is taken seriously.  The goal is to teach our kids the game of softball and baseball, how to be great teammates, and how to be gracious competitors.  Our players, coaches, and umpires will all make mistakes. Please set an example of how to handle tough situations as parents on the sidelines.  Remember, everyone is trying their best and is a part of our community.

Let’s have an outstanding 2022 season and make the most of our time together!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Play Ball!

-Ross Kerr

WPPA President