Restroom Availability by WPPA Game Locations

WPPA Families,

We are aware of some frustration with bathrooms not be available at all parks at all times.  WPPA does our best to provide this convenience at all locations where it is permissible.  Please see below for details on each of the parks.  While it might seem silly, having portapotties installed at the parks by WPPA is a privilege.  The park district does not allow them at all locations due to neighbors complaining, safety issues, and vandalism problems.  Please notify if you witness a situation with a WPPA provided portapotty.


  • Parks where WPPA is allowed to provide portapotties and they are in place:
    • Athletic Field, Green Briar, Mather, Legion and soon to be Rogers
      • Note that WPPA has them cleaned weekly and can’t fully control what goes on at all times at the parks
      • WPPA does our best to react to situations when we are notified they have been tipped over, abused, etc
  • Parks with other restroom options not controlled by WPPA:
    • Horner – restrooms near the parking lot for use
    • Portage – fieldhouse is open on weekdays and Saturday until 5.  Closed on Sundays.
      • Note that this best WPPA can do as we are not allowed to put a portapotty at that park.  Also note that our playing time at Portage is limited to just this Spring 2022 season due to the Grub situation at Welles Park..
  • Parks with no restroom options:
    • Portage – as mentioned above, no Sunday option.
    • Pottawattamie – no portapotty in place due to limited usage.
    • Winnemac – due to the grub situation, our approved location spot for a portapotty isn’t available at this time.  We continue to await the green light to start using Winnemac in full capacity again and we will then get the portapotty back in place.
    • River – no portapotty at this time, but we are evaluating if it is possible with the park district.