As most of you know, the WPPA is a volunteer organization.  From the coaches to parents, to the WPPA Board, everyone volunteers their time to make it possible for more than 1,600 players to play baseball and softball every spring.  With that in mind, a huge thank you to our Board, coaches and many volunteers who have made this season possible, and who will help throughout the season.  Please be sure to thank your coaches early and often – and don’t forget to be kind to the umpires too!

A few notes regarding what to expect as the season gets underway:

  • TeamSnap.  You should have heard from your coach by now, possibly even by TeamSnap.  Please be sure to have the TeamSnap app active on your device.  Many league and team notifications will come through that channel, including rain out and scheduling information.
  • Fields.  We are back at Welles!  After years of COVID and grubs, we are finally back to playing many of our games at Welles.  However, this year, there will NOT be porta potties at the fields.  They have been deemed a potential risk and safety hazard in light of events in the past, and so please make sure that if you are headed to a park without a bathroom facility (most of the parks we play at), you plan accordingly.  If you find yourself with a need during a game, please, do not treat the park a place of opportunity, find a local restroom.
  • Equipment.  You can find equipment lists on our website for baseball and softball.
  • Respecting the Parks.  Please, help us keep the parks clean.  Pick up and throw away your trash.  When possible, please walk, bike, or carpool to games.  And please remember, while attending WPPA events, you have to comply with Chicago Park District rules.

Finally, and most importantly, this is youth sports.  We all signed a code of conduct, and we take compliance with that code seriously.  The goal of the WPPA is to teach our kids the game of softball and baseball; how to be good teammates, and how to be gracious competitors, even when losing.  Our players, coaches, and umpires will make mistakes.  Please set an example as to how to handle tough situations .  Remember, everyone is trying their best and is part of our community.