2022 Age Requirements

WPPA has six divisions for baseball and four divisions for girls softball in its Spring House League.   Each division covers two age years based on the player's age on August 31 of the current year.

For Fall Ball, the same age cut offs are used for 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U in both baseball and softball.  There is no Rookie (6U) option for Fall Baseball or Softball.

Age           If the player was born on and between...           Spring 2022... Fall 2022...
15-19 Sep 1, 2002 and Aug 31, 2007 Liberty Baseball Liberty Fall Baseball
13-14 Jan 1, 2007 and Aug 31, 2009 14U Softball 14U Softball
13-14 Sep 1, 2007 and Aug 31, 2009 Senior Baseball 14U Baseball
11-12 Sep 1, 2009 and Aug 31, 2011 Major Baseball or 12U Softball 12U Baseball or 12U Softball
9-10 Sep 1, 2011 and Aug 31, 2013 Minor Baseball or 10U Softball 10U Baseball or 10U Softball
7-8 Sep 1, 2013 and Aug 31, 2015 Junior Baseball or 8U Softball 8U Baseball or 8U Softball
5-6 Sep 1, 2015 and Aug 31, 2017 Rookie Baseball No Fall Ball League


Players must register in the registration program associated with their age-based league/division.  Take special care to input your player's birth date accurately to ensure your player it properly registered.

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