WPPA Travel Softball

Travel Softball

Welcome to the Welles Park Parents Association (WPPA) All-Star Softball Program, where we are dedicated to fostering the love of softball, building character and developing the skills of young athletes. Our program is designed to provide a positive and challenging environment for players who are passionate about the game. 

Questions, inquires or feedback?  Email travelsoftball@wppachicago.org.

Mission Statement

WPPA Warriors All-Star Softball was established to enhance the quality of our recreational house program for players, and to provide a competitive travel program for athletes interested in – and capable of – more advanced play. Our missions is three-fold:

  • We focus on development, so that our players are well-prepared for high school softball.
  • We believe young athletes should be able to participate in multiple sports, and we build this into our teams’ schedules with all practices and games taking place on the north side of Chicago.
  • We value the fun that comes with playing with teammates who work together towards a common goal, exhibit sportsmanship while competing in every game, and the sense of accomplishment from getting better at a sport they love.

Program Highlights

  • Skill Development – Our professional and volunteer coaching staff is committed to helping players enhance their skills, both individually and as a team. Through focused training sessions, players will have the opportunity to improve their hitting, pitching, fielding and overall game strategy. 
  • Competitive Opportunities – As a travel softball program, we provide players with the chance to compete at a higher level. Participating in tournaments and the Northside All- Star Softball (NASL) league, our teams experience challenging competition that promotes growth and elevates their performance.
  • Teamwork and Sportsmanship – We believe in the power of teamwork and sportsmanship. Our program emphasizes collaboration, communication and respect on and off the field. Players learn valuable life skills that extend beyond their softball experience.

2024 Season Highlights

  • Training:
    • Indoor Training (Separate Fielding / Hitting Practices): Starts in December / January and continues through late March
    • Outdoor Practices: Starts in April and continues through end of July
  • Games/Tournaments
    • Teams will schedule approximately 30 games a year. Games will be a mix of league play, “friendly” scrimmages and tournaments. 
  • 2024 Teams
    • For the 2024 season - the following teams have been formed:
Warriors 10U Red Warriors 12U Red Warriors 14U Silver
Warriors 10U Silver Warriors 12U Silver Warriors 14U Black
Warriors 10U Black

Additional Details

2025 Tryouts

  • Tryouts will occur in July 2024. More details to come. We expect to field teams at the 10U, 12U, 14U and possibly 16U level in 2025. 

Scheduling Contact

  • Our teams are always looking for opportunities to play “friendly” scrimmages with other All-Star or C level travel programs. Please contact travelsoftball@wppachicago.org for more information. 

Coaching Opportunities

  • Our program is looking for experienced softball coaches and college-experienced players to assist our program in various capacities. Opportunities exist ranging from assisting with skills clinics to paid-coaching opportunities. If you are interested in assisting our program, please contact us at travelsoftball@wppachicago.org for more information.