WPPA Board of Directors

All parents that enroll their child in the program become members of the Welles Park Parent Association (WPPA).  A board that consists of volunteer officers, directors and commissioners make the operating decisions.  These volunteers, along with a representative of the park district staff, comprise the voting members of the WPPA board.  Regular board meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm throughout the year at the Welles Park Field House or virtually.  All members of the WPPA are welcome to attend.

Executive Officers
Name Role Email Address
Ross Kerr President president@wppachicago.org
David Saunders VP - Secretary & Development secretary@wppachicago.org
John Kelly VP - Treasurer treasurer@wppachicago.org
Ronnie Minc VP - Fields & Scheduling scheduling@wppachicago.org
Allison Bolger VP - Registration registration@wppachicago.org
Commissioners (Baseball)
Name Role Email Address
Tom Kim Rookie Commissioner rookie@wppachicago.org
Gabe Morales Junior Commissioner junior@wppachicago.org
Andy Saur Minor Commissioner minor@wppachicago.org
David Kunkle Major Commissioner major@wppachicago.org
David Schwartz Senior Commissioner senior@wppachicago.org
Steve Holowka Liberty Commissioner liberty@wppachicago.org
Jake Siddall Fall Baseball Commissioner fallbaseball@wppachicago.org
Jeremy Stump Travel Baseball Coordinator travelbaseball@wppachicago.org
Commissioners (Softball)
Name Role Email Address
Jen Patras 8U & 10U 8u10usoftball@wppachicago.org
Kristin Reynolds 12U & 14U 12u14usoftball@wppachicago.org
Jason McClain Fall Softball Commissioner fallsoftball@wppachicago.org
Gerry Winters Travel Softball Coordinator travelsoftball@wppachicago.org
Name Role Email Address
Jeff Judge Equipment equipment@wppachicago.org
Steve Reaven Fields fields@wppachicago.org
Julie O'Connell Sponsorship/Fundraising sponsorship@wppachicago.org
Mark Kromkowski Special Events events@wppachicago.org