Fall Baseball Age Group Changes

Starting the 2023 Fall Baseball Season, the WPPA Board has decided to move age groups to "odd" years and merge Fall Baseball rules to match Spring Baseball rules.

The reasoning for this change is to offer those kids that play fall a chance to try out or improve at their coming Spring's ruleset.

Example: a first year Spring Junior player will no longer need to kid pitch in 8U fall and then move back to coach pitch in the Spring for their second year of Juniors.

Our intention is to bring better continuity in learning the game.

The rules for the "odd" age groups are as follows:

  • 7U - same as Spring Junior rules
  • 9U - same as Spring Minor rules
  • 11U - same as Spring Major rules
  • 13U - same as Spring Senior rules
  • 14U and beyond - Check out Fall Liberty (coming soon)

Please note: if your child would rather play with an older ruleset, for fall, that is allowed as kids can "play up" if the child, parent, and commissioner agree this is the right choice.

As with all changes, your feedback is welcome.  Please email the Fall Baseball Commissioner with comments or questions: Fall Baseball Commissioner

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